Welcome to Twenty-Four Hours International Transition Services!

Christine Koch, Owner/Manager, Twenty-Four Hours International Transition ServicesThank you for visiting the website of Twenty-Four Hours International Transition Services, Owner/Manager: Christine Koch.

Twenty-Four Hours specializes in consulting with companies and individual expatriates in adjusting to Germany and is currently available in Düsseldorf, Cologne and surrounding regions.

This site is still under construction, but what follows is a brief overview of the services Twenty-Four Hours provides.


As you are probably aware, in the first few months after an expat's arrival, numerous additional critical needs come up that can be very challenging for an expat employee and his or her dependents, particularly where German language skills are not yet mastered. Examples include:

- Organising the delivery and installations of furnishings

- Arranging for  a homemaker

- Establishing a German bank account

- Locating and contacting a similarly-situated expat community

- Finding & dealing with a German plumber for a water leak in one's apartment

- Installing telephones, Internet and other utilities

- Understanding German utility bills

- Locating German shopping opportunities, restaurants

- Discovering cultural or sport activities

- Registering children at a German or international school

In my experience, German employers may not be equipped to deal with these needs outside of normal business hours, and German language schools do not provide for them.

My company's package meets those needs by providing the following:

An expat employee is provided with "24 hours" of my time, to be used at any time and at the employee's discretion (or that of his or her family). The 24 hours can be used during a regular schedule for the  high-quality personal language instruction I am trained to provide - for the employee, her spouse, or children. They can also be used to deal with any immediate need that arises in the first few months of an expat's life here in Germany. It is up to the expat how s/he decides to use the time, and the employee is reassured that friendly and knowledgeable assistance - even on  a Sunday evening - is only a phone call away. You - or your employees - decide when and how to use the time. 

You, or your employees, shouldn't have to spend important time trying to figure out how to translate a parking ticket or what to do about it. That's my job. Think of me as a concierge for Germany who also provides professional language instruction.

The "Twenty-Four Hours" concept is something new and innovative here in Germany. Employers know that their valued expatriate employees are well taken-care of. Foreign employees are reassured that someone is available to help them, whatever their immediate needs may be.

My company's vision: You and your employees are worth Twenty-Four Hours!